Grandfather, 33, thrown off flight - blames discrimination because of his Tyson tattoo

Davi Stretton-Mellor's tattoo.
Davi Stretton-Mellor's tattoo. Photo credit: Facebook/Kerry-anne Millerchip

A 33-year-old grandfather says he was thrown off a flight because of his Mike Tyson-style tattoo.

British man Davi Stretton-Mellor told the Daily Mail he was sleeping on a flight to a Spanish tourist island when he was woken by police and told to get off.

The Ryanair flight had diverted to an airport in northern Spain after a row broke out between some passengers.

"I do have a tattoo on my face, a tribal tattoo, and part of me thinks it was discrimination because of that," he told the paper.

Mike Tyson and his distinctive tattoo.
Mike Tyson and his distinctive tattoo. Photo credit: Getty

He says he asked some other passengers - " Polish people, a mixture of burly blokes and women" - to be quiet earlier in the flight, before going to sleep.

"I fell asleep and next thing I knew we are at Santiago de Compostella airport and I was being woken up by eight police officers,' said Mr Stretton-Mellor. "I was absolutely scared to death."

The whole family - including Mr Stretton-Mellor's wife, their two daughters and granddaughter - were stranded in Spain. They spent more than £1000 on accommodation and new flights to their holiday destination.

Ryanair said the flight had to be diverted "after a number of passengers became disruptive inflight".

"The aircraft landed normally and the passengers were removed and detained by police upon arrival, before the aircraft continued to Gran Canaria.

"We will not tolerate unruly or disruptive behaviour at any time and the safety and comfort of our customers, crew and aircraft is our number one priority."

Mr Stretton-Mellor says he will complain to "the highest level" about his treatment.