Grenfell Tower fire could lead to corporate manslaughter charges

UK Police have indicated which organisations it will be investigating over the responsibility for the Grenfell Tower fire in London which killed 80 people in June.

The council that owns the building and the organisation that managed it are potentially facing corporate manslaughter charges.

Police say they have reasonable grounds to suspect corporate manslaughter - meaning senior figures will be hauled in front of police under caution and interviewed.

Those officials come from both the Kensington and Chelsea burrows and the tenancy management organisation.

Organisations can't be arrested so there won't be any arrests under corporate manslaughter, but they may be liable for unlimited fines, and police are considering further criminal charges as well.

It will be a vast police investigation, and one of the biggest criminal investigations outside of counter terrorism organisations in British history.

Police say they have seized a huge amount of material, and have interviewed a large number of witnesses.

Further criminal charges could relate to health and safety legislation, fire safety legislation and building regulations, and those criminal offences could all lead to jail time.