Heated argument after truck hits cyclist

A London cyclist is lucky to be alive after a truck drove into his path and clipped him on a busy street.

A group of cyclists had just passed an intersection when they moved into single file to pass a bend.

However, one man in a red shirt was clipped by a truck as he moved slightly to the right to manoeuvre the corner.

The near-miss was caught on camera by the cyclist behind him.

"F***ing idiot! Look where you are on the road," the cyclist yells at the driver.

The truck driver then pulls over to argue back.

"You've gone in the left hand lane and come on my inside lane.

"Over and over again it tells you on the adverts, do not go on the f***ing left hand side of an artic[ulated truck]."

The man filming the encounter defended the cyclist, saying it happens "all the time" in London.