Ivanka Trump raises eyebrows at G20

  • 09/07/2017

A photograph of President Donald Trump's daughter sitting in her father's seat during an official event at the Group of 20 world leaders' summit is raising eyebrows.

A White House official says Ivanka Trump took her father's seat briefly on Saturday when the president stepped out of the room.

The official said Ivanka Trump had been sitting in the back of the room, and moved forward when the president of the World Bank began discussing topics affected by a new women's entrepreneurship fund she spearheaded.

The official said that when other leaders stepped out, their seats were also briefly filled by others.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity to describe a private meeting.

Ivanka Trump raises eyebrows at G20

The photo was posted on Twitter by Svetlana Lukash, a Russian official attending the summit.

Ms Trump was attending the G20 to speak at the Women's Entrepreneurship Finance event.

President Trump announced on Saturday the US would contribute US$50 million to a new World Bank fund conceived by his daughter to help women entrepreneurs access capital and other support.