Jackpot winner doesn't believe lotto officials, hangs up

  • 19/07/2017
An Aussie bloke was happy in the end to win almost $18m.
An Aussie bloke was happy in the end to win almost $18m.

This was one unsolicited phone call a Sydney man was glad he answered - eventually.

The Manly resident didn't believe he'd won a Lotto prize of AU$16.6 million (NZ$17.92 million), and hung up on the caller bringing the good news, according to local media.

Officials from Oz Lotto kept trying and eventually convinced the man he was the joint winner of a AU$50 million (NZ$53.98 million) jackpot.

The man chose his winning numbers based around the birthdays of family members.

He told the Oz Lotto officials he had a feeling he might win, and was going to invest his share of the prize.

One of the two other division one winners, a woman from Brisbane, reportedly screamed for minutes when she got the happy news.

She was planning to share the prize with her family.


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