Kiwi punched in Brisbane motorway rumble

A Kiwi bloke has been caught up in a mid-motorway brawl alongside co-workers in Brisbane.

David Holdway, originally from Auckland, was on the way to work when he spotted "a bit of a road rage".

"Just seen this guy [throwing punches] through the passenger window and I was like, 'Far out, that car is familiar,'" Mr Holdway said.

"It was one of the boys' [from work] cars, so I pulled out in front of another car to get around to block [the attackers] in."

7 News, Road Rage
A photo taken of the alleged offender. Photo credit: 7 News

It all started when an unidentified man got out of his car on the Riverside expressway on Wednesday morning and started attacking another vehicle, accusing the driver of tailgating.

The car the man was attacking turned out to belong one of Mr Holdway's co-workers.

Anthony Price, a fellow tradie who was with him at the time, said the man was acting like a "psychopath".

"[He was] jumping on the bonnet, stomping on the windscreen."

The pair stepped in to help their workmate, but that led to Mr Holdway copping a few punches to the face.

The alleged offender quickly calmed down as a group of tradies, all on the way to work, turned up.

"[The attackers] saw they were outnumbered so sort of calmed down a little bit," Mr Price added.

Eventually the offenders backed off and drove away, leaving Mr Holdway with a bruised lip and one hell of story to tell the boys at work.