Man smashes record with 2682 push ups

The Guinness World Record for most push ups in one hour has been smashed by a man taking back his title.

Welsh fitness enthusiast Carlton Williams reclaimed the "hotly" contested push up record in his adopted home town Margaret River, Western Australia.

Since Mr Williams achieved a total of 2220 push ups back in 2015, three others have gone on to better the mark.

A Guinness World Record affiliate watched on as he attempted to beat the record set by a Swiss man of 2392 push ups.

The gruelling task pushed his strength levels to the limit, but Mr Williams also had to ensure he maintained the correct form so that each rep counted towards the end total.

When doing the push ups, he had to create a 90 degree angle at the elbow to ensure each rep was accepted by Guinness World Records.

Mr Williams’ hands also had to remain flat on the floor while doing the press ups during the 60 minute exercise for the record to be his.

His total of 2682 press ups within the hour meant Mr Williams crushed the previous record.

"I did it to prove I'm the best," he said after his successful attempt.