Marine's son bawls as new stepmum reads vows to him

  • 25/07/2017
Marine's son bawls as new stepmum reads vows to him
Photo credit: WJET

A four-year-old boy has played the central role in an emotionally charged moment from a US wedding that is now doing the rounds on social media.

Young Gage Newville, the son of US marine Sergeant Joshua Newville, was asked to stand at the altar with his father and stepmother-to-be as they exchanged vows at their New York wedding.

But little did he know his new mum, senior airman Emily Leehan, had prepared some vows that had been written especially for him.

"I want you to be safe and to try your hardest and to be a good person," she said, before coming to a stop as Gage erupted in a flood of tears.

"Don't cry baby!" she urged him, but at this point he was inconsolable, burrowing his head into her before turning to his dad for a cuddle - all the while sobbing loudly.

After a lengthy period of crying, Ms Leehan was finally able to continue.

"I know that you and I will butt heads, but I hope with all my heart that as you become a grown man, you will understand my methods and realise I have only done what is best for you, and I love you.

"I hope you learn that you are a very special boy. You are so extremely smart, handsome and kind to others.

"You have helped make me into the woman that I am today - and I may not have given you the gift of life, but life surely gave me the gift of you."

According to ABC, the couple are both on military duty and won't be going on honeymoon until they have negotiated time off.