McDonald's fires employee for exposing disgusting conditions

McDonald's ice-cream tray.
McDonald's ice-cream tray. Photo credit: Nick / Twitter

McDonald's has thrown fat on the fryer by firing an employee in the US who tweeted photos of mouldy working conditions.

The worker called Nick, surname unknown, has spoken for the first time about being dismissed last week from his former position at LaPlace McDonald's, Louisianna. 

He rose to internet stardom in mid-July when he posted photos of the mould-covered ice-cream machine at LaPlace McDonald's, and later shared images of the frozen food and dirty floors.

Since being released, the ice-cream photos sparked a deluge of online comments. 

People claiming to be former employees of McDonald's agreed online that they'd seen similar standards in ice-cream machines across the US. Others also argued that staff were never taught to clean the machines, and that was the duty of the managers. 

Nick was fired last week on Wednesday for his tweets. He told BuzzFeed that his manager told him, "You know you're fired right", when he confessed to posting the photos.

He has since found another job. 

McDonald's offered no specific response to the story, however a company spokesperson told Buzzfeed, "This is a part of our soft-serve equipment that does not come into contact with any food and is required to undergo regular and timely cleaning." 

Nick also told BuzzFeed that McDonald's has approached him since his dismissal. He claims they were "begging [him] to delete [his] tweets" and saying that he was "slandering the McDonald's brand." 

The tweets are still firmly pinned to the top of Nick's Twitter feed.