More than 500 choir boys abused by Catholic church members - report

An investigation into historic abuse at a German Catholic school has revealed more than 547 students were physically or sexually abused over 60 years.

Investigators have just released a report saying the number of victims could grow to more than 700, as a number of former students couldn't be contacted for the report.

Victims described conditions in the school as "Hell."

The school is located in the Bavarian town of Regensburger, home to the famous Regensburger Domspatzen boys choir.

The brother of the former Pope Benedict XVI and former head of the choir, Georg Ratzinger, is now being accused of playing a role in the cover up. Dr Ratzinger, now 93, was head of the choir for 30 years.

 Dr Georg Ratzinger in 2005.
Dr Georg Ratzinger in 2005. Photo credit: Getty

Ulrich Weber, the lawyer who investigated the abuse, said Dr Ratzinger can be accused of "looking the other way and failing to intervene."

Mr Weber's investigation found 500 cases of physical abuse and 67 instances of sexual abuse. The 49 men identified as abusers are unlikely to be punished because of the historical nature of the alleged crimes. 

A 2016 report found 231 children had been abused. Mr Weber criticised the earlier review for weaknesses in the report.