Mother poses as daughter to catch out paedophile

The suspected paedophile contacted the 13-year-old through Facebook.
The suspected paedophile contacted the 13-year-old through Facebook. Photo credit: Getty

A UK mother has caught out a suspected online paedophile after posing as her 13-year-old daughter on Facebook.

Kelly Carberry, 34, was checking her daughter Chloe-Marie's Facebook for the first time when a message popped up.

"Do you promise to keep your mouth shut," it said.

Feeling something was not right, Ms Carberry continued to reply.

The pervert then attempted to get Ms Carberry, posing as Chloe-Marie, to call him "master", and tell him she was a "very bad girl".

Ms Carberry said that she "had to go to school now", to which the paedophile replied: "No you don't… sit down… did you hear me".

After sharing the story online, dozens of other concerned parents got in touch to share their similar stories. It was quickly established the suspect is believed to have tried to contact around 100 young girls from Northwest England, through multiple profiles.

On the profiles 'about you' section it read: "I am Jess Smith, a 31-year-old transgender female and I only speak to girls". It was shut down after Ms Carberry confronted the person.

The mother and daughter have since had another conversation about online safety.

"I've spoken to my daughter [previously] about online safety but she's obviously accepted him," Ms Carberry told media.

"She has a friend called Jess so I wondered if she might have added him thinking it was her."