New Zealand tourist reportedly killed by jet blast in Caribbean

A 57-year-old New Zealand woman has reportedly been killed by an accident caused by a jet blast at a Caribbean airport. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said they are "following up on reports that a New Zealand citizen has passed away in Sint Maarten." 

She was with a group of fellow tourists and was killed after receiving head injuries when she was propelled backwards by a jet blast at Princess Juliana International Airport in Siint Maarten, according to local media. 

The woman was reportedly taken to Sint Maarten Medical Center after the accident, however she died shortly after.

Princess Juliana International airport is a popular destination for tourists seeking to experience jets taking off up close.

There are warnings in place around the airport urging people not to stand in the path of jet blasts in order to avoid serious injuries, and police patrol the area during busy hours to warn people away.

Footage has emerged online showing what appears to be the woman lying on a beach, and a man can be seen performing CPR on her.