No child slave colony on Mars, NASA says

Alex Jones
Alex Jones. Photo credit: Reuters

NASA has denied running a child slave colony on Mars, after the bizarre accusation was made by a guest on notorious alt-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' radio show.

"We actually believe that there is a colony on Mars that is populated by children who were kidnapped and sent into space on a 20-year ride, so that once they get to Mars they have no alternative but to be slaves on the Mars colony," said Robert Steele, a former CIA officer and failed US Presidential candidate.

Mr Jones is infamous for promoting falsehoods about terrorist attacks including September 11 being carried out by the US government and the Sandy Hook school shooting being fake.

He said wasn't sure about "Mars bases", but knows "they've created massive, thousands of different types of chimeras that are alien lifeforms on this earth now".

"Clearly they don't want us looking into what is happening," Mr Jones said.

Normally, NASA wouldn't respond to such absurd claims, but Mr Jones regularly talks with US President Donald Trump and commands a huge audience in the US.

His show is broadcast on 118 different radio stations across the country, as well on his increasingly popular InfoWars website. In December 2015, Mr Trump featured in a lengthy interview with Mr Jones, who the President praised as "amazing".

"There are no humans on Mars," NASA's Guy Webster told US new site The Daily Beast.

"There are active rovers on Mars. There was a rumour going around last week that there weren't. There are, but there are no humans."

NASA is used to hearing strange conspiracy theories about what it does. Mr Webster added it would be news if there was "only one stupid rumour on the internet" they had to debunk.

Mr Steele made a number of other bizarre claims in the interview, with Mr Jones appearing to agree with most of them.

"Paedophilia does not stop with sodomising children," Mr Steele also claimed. "It goes straight into terrorising them to adrenalise their blood and then murdering them. It also includes murdering them so that they can have their bone marrow harvested as well as body parts."

Last week NASA, had to deny reports it was about to reveal the existence of aliens.


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