North Korea tries to lure tourists with rice planting and surfing

North Korea, Tourism
Visitors can go surfing during their trip. Photo credit: Tourism North Korea

North Korea (DPRK) has launched its own tourism website aimed at attracting visitors from around the world to visit the rogue state as a holiday.

It's believed to be the first North Korean state-run tourism venture that offers trips for as long as 14 days travelling around and experiencing the "authentic" North Korea.

Included in the trips are the chances to go skiing, surfing on "ecologically" clean water, rice planting and even visit landmarks such as the Arch of Triumph, not to be confused with the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France.

Paris, Arc de Triomphe
The Arch of Triumph is similar to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France. Photo credit: Tourism North Korea

Also on offer are themed tours. You can go on a "sports tour" where you can meet some of the country's top sports stars or if a "train tour" takes your fancy, you can do that too.

The website says the tours offer a unique opportunity for outsiders to see more of the country the world know so little about.

Aside from Pyongyang, visitors have the chance to see other parts of northern North Korea including Wonsan, Mt Chilbo, Nampho, Kaesong, Mt Kuwol, Mt Kumgang, Hamhung, Mt Paektu, Mt Myohyang and Sinuiju, which is near where the DPRK reportedly launched its first successful long-range missile on July 4.

So you might just see some fireworks or be caught up in the beginning of World War III.

While the trips may seem appealing, especially with the lucrative exchange rate of NZ$1 converting into 662.5 North Korean Won, the website fails to list details on who will run any of the tours or how much it costs.

And when Newshub tried to ring the office number provided, no one answered.

North Korea, Skiing
Skiing is also one of the many activities offered while in North Korea. Photo credit: Getty

Safe Travel NZ currently ranks North Korea as a "high risk" to Kiwi travellers stating:

"There is high risk to your security in North Korea due to international tensions and extensive restrictions placed on foreigners. We advise against all tourist and other non-essential travel."

Other countries such as Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Chad, parts of Colombia, Egypt, parts of India, Iraq, parts of Russia and parts of Thailand all have an "extreme risk" ranking, meaning there is more risk travelling to those places than North Korea.