Nurse gets parking fine after patient has heart attack

Parking ticket
She quit after getting too many tickets. Photo credit: Getty

Few people like paying for parking when they're visiting relatives in hospital, but spare a thought for Sally Plummer.

The UK nurse was slapped with an £80 ($141) parking ticket after she had to stay at work because a patient went into cardiac arrest.

"It's not a 9-5 job, you can't leave, the nursing and midwifery council wouldn't think fairly on you if you did up and go just to change your parking ticket or move your car," she told Good Morning Britain on Wednesday, reports The Telegraph.

"In the end I had to pay £80 on top."

She told the show it wasn't the first unfair parking ticket she's received.

"You also got a ticket as a patient - your mum was rushed into A&E in the ambulance and you got a fine for that?" asked host Susanna Reid.

"In my haste I did stop and buy a parking ticket, pinged in my registration number, accidentally missed a digit, contested it with no luck and [my fine] then went up to £80," said Ms Plummer.

She's now quit the National Health Service (NHS), citing the amount of wages she was spending on parking tickets.

It comes after a court sided with a parking provider in its dispute with a number of NHS staff, including doctors, nurses and admin staff.

The University Hospital of Wales has 6000 staff but only 1800 parking spots, and fines issued to staff parking in visitor spots went unpaid in protest

One nurse racked up £150,000 in fines, after being ordered to pay £128 for each unpaid ticket.