Outrage as heroin addicts memorial planned for Melbourne

Outrage as heroin addicts memorial planned for Melbourne
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A Melbourne council has voted to build a memorial for people who have died from heroin overdoses in the suburban area.

It's part of a planned AU$400,000 upgrade to an intersection in Richmond, proposed by the Yarra City Council.

Last year, 34 people died drug-related deaths in the Victorian precinct, according to 7 News, a drug problem which the council is trying to put the spotlight on.

But its planned memorial has been scorned by locals.

Benny Russ wrote on Facebook that it was a "just another useless way to waste needed money".

"May as well go out and make a memorial for all the pedos, cop killas, over doses, terrorists and child killers while you at it (sic)," he said.

The Advertiser's Tory Shepherd said it would be better to spend money on helping those addicted, rather than "glorifying" those who died.

"[If] you've got that money sitting around and you've got a massive drug problem, let's look at some evidence-based things that we can do to actually break that cycle and help those people."