Parrot dobs in killer

A pet parrot has helped provide evidence to convict his owner of murder.

The sole witness to the killing of Martin Duram was Bud, an African grey parrot.

Mr Duram's wife, 49-year-old Glenna Duram, was found guilty of shooting her husband five times before turning the gun on herself in a failed suicide attempt.

Last year the victim's family asked that Bud be called as a witness, as they were convinced he had seen the killing.

A few weeks after the murder, Bud began repeating what sounds like an argument - with Bud changing voices.

Most damningly, it shouted "don't f*****g shoot" in Mr Duram's voice.

While Bud's testimony wasn't used in court, he may well have helped crack the case.

The jury deliberated for about eight hours before convicting Glenna Duram. She will be sentenced in late August.