Plane passengers caught after suspected mile-high romp

Virgin Atlantic romp
There were clearly two people in the bathroom. Photo credit: LADbible

A couple has been caught on video after seemingly engaging in a mid-flight, mile-high romp.

David Eve filmed the pair exiting a bathroom during a flight from London's Heathrow Airport to Miami on July 4.

A woman is seen leaving first, her face giving little away. A man follows some time later, appearing to raise his eyebrows as he does so.

"Wait, was, wasn't there just two people in there?" Mr Eve wrote on Facebook. "Naughty Americans!"

It's believed the flight was operated by Virgin Atlantic. The airline posted Mr Eve's video on its Facebook page, commenting "We're pretty sure that's our plane! The mood lighting certainly put a smile on their faces… #smilehighclub"

Mr Eve later posted on Facebook he was surprised more people had watched his video in 24 hours than lived in London, which has a population of 8.8 million.

He said he had a "slight concern" that "the couple concerned don't see the funny side of it" and would be "truly gutted if they suffered in any way from this".

However, he went on to say "my own moral compass saw absolutely nothing wrong in what they were doing (IF they were actually doing anything at all!). I was even a little proud of them so really didn't consider the potential downside of posting the video."

Mr Eve said he hoped the couple would benefit from their newfound fame.