Police shoot couple mid-coitus in swingers' club

Shocking CCTV footage has been released of the police storming a Melbourne swingers' nightclub and shooting a couple mid-coitus. 

The police had received reports the man, who was dressed as Batman's The Joker, was carrying a gun. After entering the nightclub, they shot the man while he was engaging in a sex act with a woman dressed as Harley Quinn. 

The firearm turned out to be a toy gun that was part of the man's costume. 


The couple who were shot
The couple who were shot. Photo credit: 7 News

The shooting occurred just seven seconds after the couple were confronted. The man was shot in the chest and the woman in the thigh. Neither injury was fatal.

Security had previously informed the police that the gun was not real. However, police allege the man pulled out the toy when confronted and refused to surrender it.

This is disputed by nightclub owner Martha Tsamis who told Seven News the man did not pull out a gun and was instead in "a compromising position" when the police "stormed in". 

Police enter Melbourne swingers club
Police in the Melbourne nightclub. Photo credit: 7 News

The incident is now being investigated by Australia's Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC).