Polish First Lady snubs Trump, he gives her the death stare

Melania Trump's not the only First Lady to have batted away Donald Trump's hands.

At a photo op for the Polish and US leaders, the US President extended his hand to Agata Kornhauser-Duda, wife of Polish President Andrzej Duda.

But she spectacularly skipped right by him in favour of Ms Trump - leaving the President hanging, watching her with a steely gaze.

Mr Trump is no stranger to awkward handshakes. In February he shook Shinzo Abe's hand for more than 18 seconds, the Japanese Prime Minister breathing a heavy sigh of relief the second it was over.

In another strange encounter, he left Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu posing awkwardly for the cameras on his lonesome, before the reality TV star was ushered back for the obligatory handshake.

And in May, Ms Trump was infamously seen swatting away her husband's hand as they exited a plane in Rome.

Still, Mr Trump perhaps has a long way to go to topple the reigning king of handshakes - our very own John Key's three-way masterpiece at the Rugby World Cup final in 2011 one for the ages.