Pregnant woman struck by lightning gives birth

Meghan Davidson: pregnant woman struck by lightning
Meghan Davidson is doing "a lot better" according to her husband. Photo credit: Facebook

A Florida woman who was struck by lightning while pregnant is being treated in intensive care, after giving birth to her newborn son.

Meghan Davidson, 26, was a week out from her due date and walking alone near her family's home when she was struck by a lightning bolt on Thursday (local time), ABC reports. 

Neighbours immediately rushed to her aid, with one neighbour telling the television station he could not find a pulse and was later instructed to use his own shirt to wedge as a cushion under her back.

She was rushed to the local hospital, where her son Owen was immediately delivered via C-section. 

A hospital spokesperson said Ms Davidson was in a fairly stable condition. 

"She is doing a lot better," her husband Matt Davidson told ABC News.

"It's just a waiting game at the moment."

Owen's condition was not available. 

Lightning strikes in humans can cause injuries to the nervous tissue, electrical burns, bleeding in the brain and injuries to the spinal cord, according to Glatter