Prince George turns four with gap-toothed grin

Prince George
The new image released to mark Prince George's fourth birthday. Photo credit: Supplied

Prince George turns four today- and his parents have released a new photo of the toddler to mark the occasion.

Taken by royal photographer Chris Jackson, the picture shows the young royal's gap-toothed grin.

Wearing a NZ$74 striped blue shirt from British children's brand Amaia, the photo was taken at Kensington Palace at the end of June.

The photographer, who is married to Kate's personal assistant, told the Daily Mail he was "thrilled and honoured" to have been asked to take the picture.

Prince George 2
A full-sized photograph of the gap-toothed toddler. Photo credit: Supplied

The royals will celebrate the young prince's milestone at home after a helicopter ride treat at the end of their whirlwind royal tour of Poland and Germany.

The ride was arranged as a birthday surprise for "helicopter crazy" George, according to the Daily Mail.

Like his father William, George is destined to become one of the most watched and photographed figures of the century. 

George will come of age in 2031, but it could be decades before he takes the throne. 

At his coronation as King George VII, he can look forward to being draped in ancient robes and taken by horse-drawn carriage to Westminster Abbey for the traditional oaths and historic vows of monarchy.