Saudi Arabian police arrest woman over miniskirt video

  • 19/07/2017

A Saudi woman has been arrested for a video that was widely shared online which shows her strolling along an empty street wearing a miniskirt and crop top, Saudi state TV channel Ekhbariya reports.

The video, posted on Snapchat by a model known only as Khulood, shows her walking around a historic monument in one of Islamic nation's most conservative provinces, wearing just a miniskirt and a crop-top.

The outfit defies rules that require all women in Saudi Arabia to wear a black abaya - a loose, cloak-like dress - and a niqab headscarf while out in public.

The clip had incensed some social media users in the conservative Muslim kingdom who vented their anger using the hashtag "Model Khulood must be tried".

Many of those critics shared images of the video with her bare legs and midriff blurred out or painted over.

In the video, the unidentified woman walks alone through a street flanked by mudbrick walls, in what users identified as Ushaiqir, a heritage village and day-trip destination outside the capital Riyadh.

"Riyadh police have detained the woman who appeared in indecent clothing in Ushaiqir and referred her to the public prosecutor," Ekhbariya said on its official Twitter account, including the popular hashtag.

Home to Islam's holy cities of Mecca and Medina, Saudi Arabia cleaves to a strict interpretation of Islam. It is ranked the fourth worst nation in the world for gender parity by the World Economic Forum.

The staunch ally of the US only recently allowed women to vote and to access education and healthcare without consent from a male guardian.

Newshub / Reuters