Snake catchers shared a photo of hidden serpents - and puzzled would-be snake sleuths

Hidden snakes
Photo credit: Facebook

A pair of snakes slid into a living room, and the camouflaged creatures confounded would-be snake spotters.

In a game of 'Where's Wally', spotting the sneaky snakes puzzled social media users, after the image was shared on Facebook by Australia's 'Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers'.

Asking users to spot the snake, the company wrote there were bonus points for guessing the species and how many snakes could be found.

More than 100 users tried to spot where the pair was hiding.

One guessed there were five lurking in the room, while another guessed there could be up to ten.

"I'll go with 2. Black snake on coffee table and brown(ish) snake in ceiling near beam," a commenter said, who was close, but not close enough.

A day later, the company revealed the easily-missed site; the two Brown Tree snakes were spotted curled up in the ceiling rafters.

snake in rafters
The camouflaged pair coiled in the ceiling rafters. Photo credit: Facebook

The venomous reptiles have two fangs at the back of their mouths, and are native to Guam.