Strewth! Chilled out Australian tries to take fridge home on train

It can be hard enough trying to find room for your bike or pushchair on a public train, but an Australian wanted to take it one step further.

The plucky man was left red-faced after trying to take a full-sized fridge onto a train in Queensland.

His endeavour has been preserved for the ages, thanks to Queensland Rail's security cameras.

And it was truly a battle well-fought. It begins with the man, fridge mounted on a hand trolley, attempting to overcome the elevator doors as it closes too swiftly for him to enter.

Eventually he makes it in, heading down to the platform, where, with difficulty, he manages to get the fridge on board.

But his success was short-lived, quickly being driven out of the carriage by several security guards.

After helping him set it back down, one guard writes out a fine; the trip proves costly, at AU$252 for bringing an oversized item onto a train, then more for fare evasion.

It's not known how he eventually managed to get the fridge to its final destination.

Queensland Rail shared the video with some advice: "Today's #TrainEtiquetteTuesday is a simple one: please book a removalist".

While passengers are allowed to bring reasonable items on board the trains, there are restrictions. Items need to fit on luggage racks or under seats.