'Suspicious' vehicle has no doors or windows, axe in the roof

Car with axe in the roof
The "suspicious" vehicle. Photo credit: Wyoming County Sheriff's Office

A Wyoming man has been charged after being caught drink-driving a "suspicious vehicle".

It had no windshield and no doors, and a rather bizarre modification - an axe in the roof.

"A picture says a thousand words!" the Wyoming County Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook.

The driver, a 21-year-old man, failed a sobriety test and has been charged with a number of offences.

Locals didn't seem surprised.

"I actually drove by this car on my way home from work," one person commented. "The sheriff was there. I just shook my head and chalked it up to being Wyoming County."

"I've known him my whole life almost and this doesn't surprise me at all," said another.