Sydney school lets kids have smoke breaks

Sydney school lets kids have smoke breaks
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Those as young as 15 years old have reportedly been allowed to smoke during their breaks at a school in western Sydney.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the smoke breaks have been brought in as a new way to help kids at the government-funded school.

Warrakirri School has a number of students who have been in juvenile detention, have been kicked out of home, or removed from parents in jail or on drugs, the paper reports.

It's prompted a rethink from the school which focuses on students who are often rejected from regular schools and can't get employed.

The students, aged between 15 and 22, are allowed to smoke in designated areas during their lunch and recess breaks.

Principal Carolyn Blanden told the Daily Telegraph it was better than having students "floating around the streets".

"At my school you can come with bright blue hair and metal in your face. And if you need to have a smoke, that's okay too," she said.

The school also has students taking just three subjects a year, as opposed to the six taken at most mainstream schools, to try and cut drop-out rates.