Terrifying squirrel rampaging through Brooklyn

American News reporting on the squirrel Photo credit: Twitter

The New York City Health department has warned residents that a potentially rabid squirrel is on the loose in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. 

The tiny terror has bitten five people so far, and is considered unusually aggressive for a squirrel. It is suspected it may have rabies. Although this is rare for squirrels, authorities are warning victims to be seen by a doctor.


One victim of the rampaging rodent is seven year old Maria Guerrero. She was walking in the park when the squirrel leaped through the air unprovoked and bit her arm. Despite being beaten away by the girl's father, the determined squirrel attacked her twice more before escaping into a tree.

Signs have begun to spring up in the neighbourhood warning residents of the rodent. However Brooklyn dwellers are also seeing the funny side of the problem, taking to the internet to mock the furry fury. 

Although the squirrel has not yet been caught, health officials warn if it does have rabies it will probably be dead by now. But for now, Brooklyn residents should be prepared for the worst.