Texan mother explains heartbreaking photo of sobbing transgender son

  • 26/07/2017
Amber Briggle with her son
Amber Briggle with her son Photo credit: Amber Briggle Facebook

The mother of a transgender boy who was pictured crying in the Governor of Texas' office has gone public over why she chose to share the image.

The photo was posted by Amber Briggle last Wednesday, after Texan Governor Greg Abbott reinstated the anti-trans "Bathroom Bill." The controversial bill had previously stalled going through the regular legislative session. 

Ms Briggle posted the photo to Facebook saying, "Can I just admit for a second how effing tired I am of having to comfort my baby and protect him from bullies in Austin?" 

She added that this situation "sucks so hard" and that her son deserved a vacation with his friends instead of a "pissing contest" with the Texas legislature. 

Ms Briggle spoke out about the gut-wrenching photo for the first time this week. She told the Huffington Post that she was, "hoping to gain visibility for transgender people across the state, and across the country since this fight is really taking place in every state to some degree." 

She also said she wanted the public to understand the impacts of legislation upon real people and children who do not have the right to use their bathroom of choice. 

It seems she has achieved her goal to raise the public's awareness. The heartbreaking photo now has more than 8000 likes and 1300 comments online.