Texas dad creates special-needs waterpark for daughter

Sliding around a waterpark is always a bit of fun on holiday, but a father in Texas realised some children miss out.

So, he created a waterpark with a difference named after his own special-needs daughter, Morgan.

San Antonio businessman Gordon Hartman came up with the idea after watching other children at a pool party shun Morgan because of her disability.

"The way she looked at me, that look of, 'Dad, I don't understand,' [but] she couldn't tell me," Mr Hartman said.

"She told me with her eyes and that stuck with me."

Using his own money, he then created the $US17 million (NZ$23 million) park, with the help of doctors, therapists and people with special needs. It took him three years to complete.

"I may have had some success in the beginning through business, but I want to have a life of significance in a bigger way," Mr Hartman said. "Morgan has taught me so much. This has taught me so much."