The shocking car crash footage you need to see

Warning: Video contains distressing content

Disturbing footage of a crash that killed four people is being used by police in Surrey, United Kingdom, in a bid to scare people off using their phones while driving.

Truck driver Tomasz Kroker struck a car which was stopped in traffic while he was distracted by his mobile phone in August 2016, instantly killing four people.

He was scrolling through music for almost 1km before becoming part of an eight vehicle pile-up.

Kroker was jailed for 10 years for killing Tracy Houghton, 45, her two sons Ethan, 13 and Joshua, 11, and her partner's daughter Aimee Goldsmith, 11.

The truck driver pleaded guilty to four counts of causing death by dangerous driving and one count of causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

In the police video Aimee's mother, Kate, says "I continue to see drivers using their phones. It sickens me."

"If they had seen the devastation they brought my family, or to other families, by using phones, illegally... distracting themselves from driving a potential weapon..."

"Would they be as sickened as we are?"

After Kroker was convicted, former Gloucestershire police chief Suzette Davenport said it was the public's responsibility to make phone use at the wheel socially unacceptable.