UK care worker sprays aerosol in dementia patient's face

A UK care worker who was allegedly secretly filmed spraying an aerosol can in the face of an elderly dementia patient has been found guilty of ill-treatment,

It is reported carer Susan Draper was recorded by the family of 78-year-old Betty Boylan after her family became concerned after finding bruises on her in August 2016.

Draper has now been convicted at the Birmingham Magistrates Court, and dismissed from the care home in Penny Barr, England.

She is the second person to be convicted of ill-treatment against Ms Boylan.

In court the prosecutor referred to a video were Ms Boylan is moved from her bed.

He reportedly claimed the elderly patient urges Draper to "stop it", gurgling and coughing as she is sprayed in the face.

In the video, Draper "wipes Betty's face with a flannel and says, 'wash your mouth'," the prosecutor said.

"I just wanted her to smell and look nice and presentable," Draper said in her own defence, calling it a "stupid mistake".

"I am not a bad person, I'm not evil."

Ms Draper will be sentenced on July 24.