US city asked to hold 'nobody kill anybody' weekend

It's estimated a person is killed every 19 hours in Baltimore.
It's estimated a person is killed every 19 hours in Baltimore. Photo credit: Getty

A Baltimore mother is campaigning for her city to hold off from violence for just one weekend.

Erricka Bridgeford, 44, has been pitching her message on street corners for weeks, urging young men to forget their grudges for 72 hours.

"It's a citywide call," she says: "But I'm talking to you."

T-shirts and flyers with the "nobody kill anybody" slogan have been spread city-wide since May.

Ms Bridgeford says Baltimore has seen 188 deaths this year by violence - one every 19 hours.

The weekend of "healing", scheduled for August 4 until August 6, will include a vigil where every name of a person killed In 2017 will be read out. More than 700 people, including gang-members, have pledged to keep the peace.

A Baltimore police spokesperson says momentum has been growing over the past few weeks, and they are "1000 percent supportive".

Ms Bridgeford says she hopes people realise "there is something I can do, I can make a commitment to peace, I can keep where I live safe."

However many aren't optimistic the weekend will be successful. A group named Mothers of Murdered Sons called for a ceasefire over Mother's Day weekend, but at least four people were shot, two of whom died.