US man's pet dog heroically saves deer from drowning

A golden retriever named Storm has played the unexpected role of rescuer after spotting a baby deer on the cusp of drowning in a New York harbour.

Mark Freeley, Storm's owner, said he was walking the pooch when it suddenly departed from his side, launching itself into the water.

Mr Freeley said he wasn't sure why his dog had jumped into the harbour at first, but soon realised there was a fawn flailing, close to falling beneath the waves.

Whipping out his phone to film his pet's act of heroism, Mr Freeley captured Storm dragging the deer out of the water by its fur before laying the exhausted animal on the shore.

"Then he started nudging it and started pulling it, to make sure he was gonna be okay I guess," he told CBS News.

Storm appeared to be trying to get the fawn to stand up and run, but it was clearly tired and in shock, and was unable to move.

However the deer was well and truly saved - and with the video posted online for all to see, Storm was quickly hailed as a hero.