US woman fired from job for threatening to kill all Muslims

A Dakota woman has been sacked from her job and has faced a huge public backlash after footage emerged of her telling a woman she was "going to kill every one of you "f***ing Muslims".

The tirade came after Amber Hensley returned to her vehicle in a Walmart car park, where a trio of Somalian women had also parked.

In a Facebook comment she left on a video, Ms Hensley said she tried to get into her car, but the Somalian women's car was parked too close to her's, making it impossible for her to get in.

She said when she brought it up, 21-year-old Sarah Hassan, who was driving the car, refused to move and called her "a fat b*tch" before making "a derogatory comment about Jesus".

That was what Ms Hensley said was the catalyst for her offensive, racially motivated remarks, which left the Muslims she was speaking to shocked.

"I'm American. I'm an American and you're not," she began.

"We're going to kill all of you. We're going to kill every one of you f***ing Muslims."

In another cut she can be heard asking the women, "Why are you in our country anyway?"

In her Facebook comment explaining the incident, Ms Hensley said some key moments had been removed from the video that made it look worse - but added that she wished "I could take it back, but I lost my cool and I can't".

She later wrote that her actions were "not very Christian-like" and that she was "terribly sorry".

However her apology is too little too late, with her workplace Horab & Wentz firing her from the secretary position she had there.

Ms Hassan, who posted the video online, said she wanted the world to see "what happens to us every day" as Muslims.