Violent explosion as truck crashes on Chinese highway

A truck driver in China has had an incredible escape, after clipping a parked semi-trailer on a highway led his own car to explode.

The violent blast was captured on surveillance footage, showing the truck bump into the semi as it rounded a bend.

A puff of air can be briefly seen as the container is punctured. Then it explodes, sending a blast of gas and fire across the highway.

The truck then veers off towards the highway's shoulder, spilling flames and paper as it goes.

The force of the explosion was enough to shatter windows in nearby buildings.

The van's driver, who has only been named as Zhang, said he didn't know what happened.

"The explosion went off just at the collision, I didn't even see how it happened. I just heard a big boom and it had occurred," he said.

One of the trucks was carrying paper and paints and the other steel. It's not yet known why they ignited.

The highway was closed for around an hour and a half while firefighters battled the blaze.