Watch Trump and Macrons' hilarious reactions to Daft Punk marching band

United States President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron have formed a friendship of sorts, sealed with a bizarre 28-second handshake.

The incredible handshake at one point became a three-way as Mr Trump took Brigette Marcon's hand with his left hand while continuing to hold Mr Macron's hand with this right.

The friendship between France and the United States is an important one for both countries. An aide to Mr Trump told reporters it was essential for the sharing of intelligence and defence operations.

While the two have been attending events together and fostering a bond of sorts, their differences could not be have been more apparent than in their very different responses to a humorous Bastille Day performance in Paris.

As part of a parade across the iconic Champs-Elysees, a brass band marched in strict formation, blasting out a Daft Punk medley. 

While a slow smile spread across Mr Macron's face as the band played a lively mix of the French band's best-known tunes, Mr Trump looked stern, keeping almost entirely still, with just a light breeze wafting through his hair.

President Macron enjoying the marching band.
President Macron enjoying the marching band. Photo credit: iTV

At one point, when the band began playing 'Get Lucky', Mr Macron grinned widely, turning to Mr Trump to share in the humour. But he finds no such humour in Mr Trump's gaze, and quickly turns back.

Trump's reaction to the Daft Punk brass band performance.
Trump's reaction to the Daft Punk brass band performance. Photo credit: iTV

Meanwhile, military and other officials appear to enjoy the piece, clapping along and grinning.

Either Mr Trump didn't see the humour in what was otherwise an event commemorating military deaths or he simply didn't enjoy the performance.

The Presidents' very different reactions illustrate the fact that despite the attempt to woo each other, the pair remain far from brothers in arms.

Climate change remains a sticking point. Mr Macron's openly criticised Mr Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Accord, playing on Mr Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan with his own version "Make our Planet Great Again."

But if that handshake is anything to go by, the United States will have a military ally in France for the near future.