Wife of 'hot felon' caught in affair with Topshop heiress wants divorce

Hot felon Jeremy Meeks and Chloe Green
Wife of 'hot felon' Jeremy Meeks, left, has spoken out about the affair between her husband and Topshop heiress Chloe Green, right. Photo credit: Getty

The wife of 'hot felon' Jeremy  Meeks wants a divorce after photos of her husband and Topshop heiress Chloe Green making out on a yacht surfaced last week.

Jeremy Meeks, who became infamous after his striking police mug shot scored him a modelling deal, was seen in an intimate embrace with Topshop fashion tycoon Sir Philip Green's daughter, Chloe.

But his wife, Melissa Meeks, has spoken out about the affair, telling the Daily Mail it was like a "dagger through the heart", and she plans to divorce the felon turned fashion model.

Ms Meeks, 38, said she had "no idea" of her 33-year-old husband's affair with the 26-year-old heiress until she saw photos in the media of the pair on a 180-foot super-yacht, off the coast of Turkey last week.

She said she thought her husband was on an innocent work trip, promoting a holiday resort in Turkey. 

The father of three, with his startling blue eyes and chiselled jaw, started modelling when he was released from prison in 2016 after serving two years on a weapons charge.

Ms Meeks, who is a nurse, said the pictures left her feeling "humiliated" and will end their eight-year marriage.

hot felon and melissa meeks
Jeremy and Melissa Meeks have been married for eight years. Photo credit: Instagram

Ms Meeks said what the pair did "destroyed my entire world."

Furious at the heiress, Ms Meeks said what she did was "unforgiveable".

"I know it takes two to tango but she knew he was married. To me, that's unforgivable. My whole world has been torn apart by this. What do I tell our children? My heart is broken.

"What sort of woman would do something like this to another woman? My marriage wasn't perfect but I thought it could be saved, until this happened."

After the pictures were published, Ms Green posted on her Instagram a photo of the pair which read: "Just the Beginning… We appreciate all the love and the hate."

Ms Green has since deleted her Instagram account.

It's believed the two met in May during the Cannes Film Festival.