Woman arrested after topless road rage knife attack

Susan Kettell.
Susan Kettell. Photo credit: Sandwich Police Dept.

A Massachusetts woman is facing jail after a knife-wielding topless road rage attack.

Susan Kettell, 39, reportedly tried to run another motorist off the road earlier this week, local police said.

When the two vehicles pulled up to a red light, police say Kettell began waving a "double-edged dagger knife" out the window of her Ford Explorer.

"She exited the Explorer, removed her clothing, and ran bare-chested towards the victim flailing the dagger," according to police.

The would-be victim avoided injury by simply driving away.

In a photograph released by the police, Kettell could be seen smiling maniacally. She has been charged with a number of offences, including assault, possession of a dangerous weapon and "lewd and lascivious conduct".