Woman gives birth in back seat of Uber

Woman gives birth in back seat of Uber
The Uber driver recorded the birth on his cellphone. Photo credit: CBS

When a young Uber driver picked up two passengers to take to the hospital, he never imagined he'd end up with three by the time he arrived.

But that's exactly what happened when a pregnant woman gave birth in his back seat in Los Angeles.

Raymond Telles recorded the chaos as he desperately honked his way through Valley Village on Friday night - but it was too late.

Erica Davidovich gave birth to her son, alongside her husband, Niv Davidovich, only two hours after going in to labour.

"It's just Uber you expect to take someone from A to B. It was the most prettiest, ugliest, beautiful… it was a mixture. I know I will never be in a situation like that again," Mr Telles told CBS News.

Mr Davidovich has offered to pay for the cleaning bill

It can only be assumed the couple gave Mr Telles five stars.