Woman tackled by police for selling flowers without permit

A US woman has been aggressively tackled to the ground for selling flowers without a permit.

Video is circulating of the incident in Perris, southern California, prompting mixed reaction.

A witness told CBS2 several street vendors were walking into traffic to sell flowers, prompting arrests.

Police say there were "obvious traffic safety concerns" which is why they cited permits to keep them at bay.

"Why do you do this to us?" 52-year-old Juanita Mendez Medrano can be heard asking the officer in Spanish. "We're living our life. Why do you get me like that?"

Police say what is not seen in the video is Medrano refusing to cooperate, "attempting to leave and pushing the officer away".

They say other vendors cooperated with the citation process.

Many, however, have criticised the amount of force used to detain Medrano, calling it unnecessary.