You probably could've outrun a T-rex - study

Jurassic Park lied to you - if you were in a foot race with a Tyrannosaurus rex, you probably would've had a fair shot at beating it.

New research has put the brakes on one of the world's most famous predators.

The researchers looked into how running would have affected its skeleton and came back with a surprising result.

Its bones wouldn't have been able to support it at high speeds, instead buckling and breaking.

"The problem with that is that running that fast it would actually break all the bones in his legs," lead researcher Professor William Sellers told CBS News.

After analysing the bone size, density and movement of a Tyrannosaurus fossil, the researchers found its top speed could've been beaten by most humans.

According to the new research, an adult T-rex is likely to have been able to run at a top speed of 19km/h.

It's a far cry from what once was thought to be the dinosaur's top speed, of just over 70km/h.

In comparison, the average human can run at 24km/h, while Olympic champion Usain Bolt would leave the beast in the dust at 45km/h.

"It is somewhat paradoxical that the relatively long and gracile limbs of T. rex - long argued to indicate competent running ability - would actually have mechanically limited it to walking gaits, and indeed maximised its walking speed," the study said.

It means if there ever was a real-life Jurassic Park, you probably wouldn't need to race for your four-wheel-drive to make your escape.

The study was published in the Peer J journal on Tuesday (local time).


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