Accused murderer locks prison guard in cell during escape attempt

Astounding footage has emerged of a man accused of killing five people attempting a foolhardy escape from a prison in New Mexico.

Damian Herrera, just 21, is captured cleverly deceiving one prison guard before assaulting another - with his prison break eventually being foiled all in the space of a few minutes.

Herrera was placed in jail after being accused of killing his step-father, brother and mother, as well as someone whose truck he later stole and another man.

The former university student began his escape plot by fooling a guard into thinking the toilet wasn't working, before locking him in when he went to check on it.

Later on, prison CCTV footage shows him sneaking behind a desk in a prison staff common area and stealing a torch, which he later uses to assault a guard.

However, upon attacking that guard he is taken down by another, ending his escape attempt.

It is not yet known what punishment Herrera will face for his actions - nor whether he will admit to murder ahead of his pending trial.