Actor Michael Rapaport mocks white nationalist rally in Charlottesville

Actor Michael Rapaport has taken to social media to ridicule white nationalists taking part in Charlottesville rallies on Sunday morning (local time).

Rapaport didn't hold back in his verbal tirade of the group.

The Prison Break actor labelled the protestors doing Nazi salutes "dorm room dumb f**ks" who "aint s**t", advising them to "try to get to second base with a girl you f**king loser".

He even advised the college students they'd be better off breaking the law than participating in these "white lives matter" protests.

"Friends of the nerd protestors - eat some pizza, take a few bong rips. Don't you have a toga party to go to?" Rapaport said during his vent on Twitter and Instagram.

"You know your life aint s**t if you're a college student on a Friday night during the summertime, you ain't getting no ass and you decide to come out for a protest carrying tiki torches talking s**t."

Rapaport previously mocked New Zealander Mark Cropp for the 'DEVAST8' tattoo he has across his face.

Warning: The video below contains uncensored coarse language.