FaceApp introduces 'blackface' feature, deletes it after backlash

Popular mobile face-altering application FaceApp has landed itself in hot water after giving users the option to change their faces to resemble people of different ethnicities.

An update yesterday notified users they could now put a filter on their face that would make them appear as though they were of Asian, Black, Causcasian or Indian descent.

The app gained popularity after launching earlier this year, because it allowed mobile users to change their face to appear older, younger, of a different gender, or grumpier.

Unfortunately for the company, however, people were genuinely grumpy about the feature - with app users slamming the update on social media within minutes of it going live.

Less than a day later, it pulled the update, and has since been forced to endure a storm that has seen the developers who thought the update up labelled racists and bigots.

FaceApp was criticised in April for introducing a 'hot' filter, which was controversially designed to make people look more attractive by lightening skin tone. 

Social media presenter Aziz Al-Sa'afin wraps up the biggest trends of the day.

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