Aussie high-schoolers study wrong maths curriculum for seven months

A regional high school in New South Wales has made a serious error that's seen its students study the wrong maths syllabus the entire year.

Coonamble High School pupils have been taught General Mathematics 1 for the last seven months - but that doesn't count towards their Australian Tertiary Admission Mark (ATAR), the score that helps them get into university.

The students thought they were being taught General Mathematics 2, but just discovered they weren't.

The mistake means seven students in their final two years will be forced to learn the correct maths curriculum in the space of eight weeks, ahead of their end-of-year exam.

Alternatively, concerned parents were told that if their children didn't pass this year they could always try again next year.

Education Minister Rob Stokes says that is "a laughable solution", and said what has gone on is "not acceptable".

"It simply should not have occurred and our full focus, attention and energy is to support the young people that have been affected by having the wrong course taught to them," he said.

"My heart goes out to those students and their parents - I am angry on their behalf. If this was my child I would be furious."

The students are now being taught "a compressed curriculum" and being offered personal support in an effort to get them ready for their exams.