Australian mother convicted for using abortion pills

Pregnant, Australia
She took the pills while 28 weeks pregnant. Photo credit: Getty

A mother-of-five in Australia has been sentenced to a three-year good behaviour bond after being convicted of trying to have a miscarriage illegally. 

The Sydney woman was 28 weeks pregnant when she took pills bought on the internet to assist in an abortion.

Blacktown Local Court Magistrate Geoffrey Hiatt says the woman's partner told her he did not want her to have the child because they were not married.

''At about 26 weeks into the pregnancy, her boyfriend again urged her to terminate the pregnancy," the judge said in his judgement.

''She told her boyfriend that it may be too late to have an abortion."

The woman found someone called "Patrick" who was going to help her facilitate an abortion and said it was not too late for her to miscarry.

That man told her he could send her abortion pills for NZD $1100.

According to 7 News, she received a package in September 2015 from South Africa of a pack of 10 pills containing 200miligrams of misoprostol, a medication known to cause an abortion.

After taking six of the pills the next day she fell ill and went to hospital where an emergency caesarean was carried out.