Australian police tell attack victim she 'shouldn't have been out at night'

A woman who was slapped and grabbed while out cycling says police told her she shouldn't have been riding at night.

Anna-Louise Woon, 50, was finishing a training circuit at around 7:30pm on Thursday night when three men drove past her on motorcycles.

As they passed, they attacked, leaving her with bruises and handprints on her body.

"The first guy slapped me across the back... The second one has struck me as well as he's passed by. And the third one tried to grab me on my backside," she told 7 News.

The Iron Man athlete was riding on a designated cycle-path at the time, but she claims when her husband rang police to report the attack, an officer told her she shouldn't be out at that time of night.

"We shouldn't be living in fear," Ms Woon says.

"Let's face it, people want to go out and walk their dogs, or ride their bikes."

Newshub has contacted Western Australia Police for comment.