Barcelona terror attack suspect Younes Aboyaaqoub killed

Spanish police have shot and killed the main suspect in last week's terror attack in Barcelona.

Younes Aboyaaqoub is believed to have driven a van down the popular Las Ramblas avenue that killed 13 people and injured more than 100 others.

Aboyaaqoub also killed a man when he hijacked his car and fled from the scene.

He was killed in the municipality of Subirats after police received a tip off from locals who identified him as the man authorities were searching for.

His death comes after Spanish authorities widened the search for Aboyaaqoub across Europe.

Aboyaaqoub fled into a vineyard where police caught up with him, and then shot and killed him.

He was believed to be wearing a suicide vest similar to the one his accomplices were wearing in Cambrils.

An explosives robot was sent to remove the vest from his body, but after retrieval it was determined that the vest was a fake.

Officials didn't confirm whether further suspects were being searched for in the area despite a police helicopter circling above.

It is still uncertain if the suspects in the 12-strong cell thought to be behind the attack have been wiped out.