Brisbane's dog poo crusader on a mission to clean the streets

  • 11/08/2017

A Brisbane woman is taking a littering of dog poo into her own hands, after dog owners on her street failed to do so.

When a repeat offender targeted Jane Gage's front lawn, it was the final straw. The self-appointed dog poo vigilante has erected signs around her neighbourhood warning of the $235 council-imposed fines for not cleaning up after your pet.

"Pick up your dog poos please," it reads, adding: "good on you for at least walking your dog."

However, the council has only actually imposed three fines in the city this year, out of 100,000 registered dogs - not good enough, Ms Gage told 7 News. But she appears to be on a lonely crusade.

 "I said to a man as he crossed the street the other day, oh there's dog poo everywhere... and he just said, oh well."

Ms Gage says she's urged the council to increase patrols, but says she will stay committed to her cause, "even if the council don't do anything."

"It's pretty unhygienic isn't it when you think about it, the flies that are then flying from those poos into your house."

The campaigner says the local dog park is her worst nightmare.

"They're feral, they're awful," she says.